7m all-aluminum high speed speedboat
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  • Total length7.00mDesign waterline length6.25m
    Total width2.26m
    Type width2.20m
    Design draught0.40m
    Navigation areaInland River BSpeed42km/h、48km/h、55km/h、65km/h
    HostAvailable in Yamaha, Mercury and other brands(power:90hp、115hp、150hp、200hp)

  • The boat is a single-bottom, open deck, tail-mounted paddle machine, front-drive, and motor-driven all-aluminum welded ship. Its line type adopts "V" type angled line type, which strives for low resistance and fast speed. . In the interior layout, new materials and new techniques are used, and luxury, beauty and practicality are combined. The performance is stable, the steering is convenient, the noise is low, the life-saving and fire-fighting meet the requirements of the specification, and it is a beautiful appearance. High-speed small speedboat with excellent performance