Plant & Equipment

Production advantage

Weijia Shipping Co., Ltd. is a specialized ship manufacturer integrating development, design, manufacture and integration. The company has advanced production and testing equipment and strict quality management system.

Weijia's dynamic, real-time and monitorable design and manufacturing technology based on three-dimensional virtual environment has reached the advanced level in China. The virtual ship is built by using digital three-dimensional design technology; the numbering of parts, the mapping of precision lines and the drawing of assembly lines are realized by using numerical control powder spraying device; the integrated data flow of ship design and manufacture is opened by using the platform support technology of product database, and the effective control and management from obtaining data directly from three-dimensional model to numerical control processing are realized.

By introducing and innovating independently, Weijia also adopted advanced manufacturing modes in ship production, such as reverse-modeling construction of main hull, sectional construction, simultaneous construction of main hull and superstructure, which greatly improved production efficiency and accuracy.

The tenet of Weijia Company is to continuously improve the quality of products, respect contracts, keep credibility and serve customers wholeheartedly.

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  • Factory Building

Production equipment

Bridge crane: lifting of large materials and equipment, turning over of ships, displacement of ships;

Shearing machine: According to the need to cut the board, used for straight line, oblique straight line shearing board;

Driving on the ground: mainly to the plate hoisting to CNC cutting machine, shearing machine. Hydraulic press is used together.

CNC Cutting Machine: According to the instructions to cut various parts, there are two cutting methods: plasma CNC cutting, flame cutting, and also has the function of powder injection marking;

Hydraulic Press: Bending plate;

Bending machine: to fold the edge of sheet metal;

  • Large pipe bending machine
  • Cryogenic liquid storage tank
  • Air source hot water system
  • Paint workshop waste gas treatment
  • Photovoltaic power plant project
  • Shearing machine
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Bending machine
  • Driving
  • Shearing machine
  • crane
  • CNC cutting machine
Personal Management

Hou Ji Ten Years Win-win Future

Our factory has a long-term team engaged in the design, construction and management of steel, aluminium alloy and other types of ships, as well as a group of backbone production technicians. Factory attaches great importance to personnel training, so that my factory technology, construction, management personnel continue to adapt to the construction of new types of ships. Personnel situation:

(1): There are 125 employees (excluding temporary contract workers) in the factory. They have abundant theoretical and practical abilities, including 11 senior engineers, 12 intermediate engineers and 3 assistant engineers.

(2): There are 63 technicians, such as ship, machinery, electrical technicians and mechanical processing technicians. Computer aided design (CAD) technology is widely used in process design.

(3): 46 skilled workers with CCS welder certificate

Service Guarantee
  • After-sale Warranty
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  • Be meticulous, sincere and sincere

    Weijia has always adhered to the 24-hour response service mechanism, dedicated and responsible to provide customers with all-round attentive service, listen to needs, patient communication, commitment quality, implement the "customer-centered" service concept, and actively create a cultural atmosphere to ensure customer satisfaction.

    After-sales visit and maintenance process

    Build archives for users Make maintenance plans Regular contact and return visits (collect user feedback and remind users of maintenance)

    Failure Service Flow

    Reporting for Customers Receiving Reporting Obstacles Recording Project Location, Fault Phenomena (Requesting Field Fault Pictures) and Contact Ways Judging Fault Causes, Developing Solutions Feedback Fault Solutions to Customers within 1 hour and Arrange Implementation of Solutions Tracking Fault Solutions Schedule until the failure is completely resolved Record and record the failure events Visit back to the user for failure service and collect user feedback

    Technical support:0573-83882580-807

    After-sales service: 13705731148 (Mr. Huang) 13736834455 (Mr. Li)

    Fax: 0573-83885526

  • Our company is equipped with exclusive office space, dormitory and restaurant for factory representatives and supervisors to provide favorable guarantee for their work and life in the factory.
    • Supervisory dormitory
    • Canteen hall
    • Surveyor's room
    • Surveyor's room
    • Resident representative office
    • Resident representative office