9m transport boat
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  • Technical specifications
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  • Total length9.46mDesign waterline length9.00m
    Total width2.24mType width2.10m
    Design draught0.51m
    Navigation areaInland River BSpeed22km/h
    Fixed height above waterline1.31mHostKamaX4105BC2(39.7KW/2000rpm)
    GearboxHang tooth40A(2.07:1)Endurance12h

  • The ship is a steel, cross-frame single-bottom, single-deck, single-blade, single-rudder motor-driven motor boat. The whole ship adopts CCSA ship plate, which is suitable for multi-purpose boats such as traffic, patrol and port navigation for inland river B and C-class navigation areas, especially suitable for small inflows of inland rivers.