13.8m supervised boat
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  • Total length13.8m
    Design waterline length12.60m
    Total width2.96mType width2.8m
    Deep1.20mDesign draught0.7m
    Navigation areaInland River BSpeed30km/h
    Fixed height above waterline2.10m

    Huai ChaiWP6C165-18(122KW/1800rpm

    GearboxHang tooth120C(1.94:1)Generator setAo Nang7MDKBL



  • The ship's hull is fully angled and has a single bottom. Single deck. Longitudinal framing structure, front driving style, steel welded structure for the whole ship. It is driven by a marine diesel engine and is equipped with a single-blade, single-rudder motorized monohull. This is mainly responsible for the supervision and management of waters in the jurisdiction. Official activities such as administrative law enforcement are applicable to maritime surveillance public security patrol water law environmental protection supervision, river management channel survey and so on.