19m official ship
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  • Technical specifications
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  • Total length


    Type width

    Deep1.80mAverage draught


    No-load displacement37.6t
    Full load displacement


    HostWD615.68C  2 stationEach power205/2100/KW
    Maximum speed26.5km/hcrew4/people

    Endurance (full speed)


  • The ship's maritime routine patrol boat in Hunan Province sails in the B-level waters of the inland river. It can be used daily as a water safety patrol boat. The ship is designed as a patrol boat sailing on the inland river B-class navigation area. The ship is a single-sole, single-deck steel all-welded structure. It is driven by two marine diesel engines and equipped with high-efficiency propellers, V-shaped round cymbals with short knurls at the crotch, and a keel-shaped ship with a square keel. Wave resistance and maneuverability.