19m supervised boat
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  • Technical specifications
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  • Total length:20.00m
    Design waterline length:19.20m
    Total width:4.70m
    Type width:4.50m
    Design draught:1.00m
    Crew/occupant:3/20Navigation area:Inland River B
    Fixed height above waterline:~4.5m
    Generator set:17.5EFOZD(17.5KW 38V)



  • The boat is a single-layer, single-deck, single-engine single-rudder single-rudder, front-drive, and frame-integrated steel-aluminum hybrid welded ship. Its line design and mainframe selection are all focused on the shipowner's requirements. . Strive for low resistance and fast speed. The use of new materials and new techniques in the interior decoration and decoration, and strive to combine luxury, beauty and practicality. In terms of performance, the stability is good, the steering is convenient, the noise is low, and the life-saving and fire-fighting meet the requirements of the specification.