21m rafting boat
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  • Technical specifications
  • Product introduction
  • Total length21.20m
    Design waterline length20.10m
    Total width5.70mType width5.50m
    Design draught1.60m
    Navigation areaInland River BSpeed18km/h
    Fixed height above waterline4.20m
    HostHuai ChaiWD618.C-11(258KW/1800rpm)
    GearboxHCD300A(5.9:1)Generator setHuai ChaiCCFJ24J-WJ
    Bollard pull110kn

  •  The ship is a pointed ridge, and the raft is raised, and the keel line is set. The whole ship adopts CCSA ship plate, and the tail adopts closed type medium-shallow tunnel line type. It uses high-power double main engine and large reduction ratio gear box to cooperate with one external rotary propeller, fixed guide tube and hydraulic steering gear for steering. The superstructure adopts a layer of medium-driving and semi-layer front passenger cabins and a half-floor cabin low shed. The rear is equipped with a 160KN spring hook, which is mainly used for inland river evacuation.