25m port management boat
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  • Technical specifications
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  • Total length21.70m
    Design waterline length20.30m
    Total width5.00m
    Type width4.80m
    Design draught1.00m
    Crew/occupant3/14Navigation areaInland River B
    Fixed height above waterline3.85m
    HostD7C TA(192KW/2300rpm)
    Generator set25ZFOZD(25W 400V 50HZ)



  • The boat is a single-layer, single-deck, twin-machine, medium-drive, and rack-mounted steel-aluminum hybrid welded ship. It is used for inland waterway maintenance, cruise enforcement, emergency assistance, and navigation channel measurement. Function port management boat. Its line design and mainframe selection are all focused on the requirements of small speedboats, and strive to achieve low resistance and fast speed. The whole boat adopts simple and generous, solemn and comfortable decoration, and chooses green and decorative materials. The performance of the whole ship is stable, the steering is convenient, the noise is low, and the life-saving and fire-fighting meet the requirements of the standard.