25m rafting boat
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  • Technical specifications
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  • Total length25.0m
    Design waterline length23.75m
    Total width6.20m
    Type width6.00m
    Design draught1.80m
    Crew/occupant2/10Navigation areaInland River B
    Free speed~19.5km/h
    Towing speed~15.5km/h
    Fixed height above waterline≤4.0mHostTwoKT19-M(317KW/1800rpm)
    GearboxTwoD300A(5.05:1)Generator setCapeKDE32M3

  • The ship is a steel welded ship with steel single deck, double machine, double paddle, double rudder and frame. The ship is used as a ship for safety cruise maintenance and rescue and rescue. The new materials and new materials are used in the interior decoration. Craftsmanship, strive to combine aesthetics and practicality; strive for stability in performance, convenient steering, ability to implement dredging (tugboat) and rescue operations in bad conditions; tail set--160kN spring tow hook, cabin roof There is a fire cannon on the door, the range is not less than 30m. It is a multi-purpose official ship.