26m coastal surveillance boat
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  • Technical specifications
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  • Total length26.20m
    Design waterline length23.60m
    Total width5.20m
    Type width5.00m
    Design draught1.30m
    Navigation areacoastalSpeed19.5kn
    Fixed height above waterline5.10mHostChongqing Kang SimingKTA19-M3(447KW/1800rpm)*2
    GearboxHCQ300(2.05:1)Generator setKohler 17.5EFOZD Kohler 25EFOZD

  • The ship is a Hong Kong-controlled management supervised boat. It is a steel-aluminum hybrid welded ship with single bottom, single deck, twin tailing, front driving and motor-drive. The hull adopts CCSA ship plate and the deckhouse part adopts 5083-H321. Aluminum alloy, profile is 6082T6, the main hull and the deckhouse are connected by 3A21+TA2+CCSA aluminum-titanium steel transition joints, which have small round jaw resistance and fast speed. It is applicable to the administration of the administration of the government, the administration of the administration of the Hong Kong government, and at the same time taking into account the reception work.