44.2m working test boat
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  • Technical specifications
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  • The maximum length44.20m

    Long line length

    Type width8.20m

    Maximum deck width

    Deep3.50mAverage draught2.00m
    No-load displacement291.5tFull load displacement
    HostN6170ZLC10 /2stationEach power
    Maximum speed~11Kncrew9
    staff member8Endurance
  • The ship is a working test ship. It is a single-layer bottom, single-deck, twin-engine, front-drive, and motor-driven all-steel welded ship. Its linear design considers good resistance and wave resistance; it adopts new materials and new techniques in the interior layout decoration, and strives to combine luxury, beauty and practicality. The performance is stable, the steering is convenient, the noise is low, and the vibration is small. It is a work boat with beautiful appearance and excellent performance.