Five projects in Xiangjiadang area debuted at the district-level science and technology plan project
Release date:2018-11-09

Jiaxing Online News Recently, in accordance with the requirements of the “Nanhu District Science and Technology Plan and Project Management Measures”, the Nanhu District Science and Technology Bureau organized the centralized signing of district-level science and technology projects in 2018. The District Science and Technology Bureau is in charge of the leaders and the heads of the various lines. The main responsible persons of the 20 project undertakers of the district and the relevant personnel involved in the main technical service center of the project attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the District Science and Technology Bureau notified the relevant matters concerning the project establishment, contract execution and acceptance. It is reported that there are 5 projects in this sub-region to participate in the centralized signing, which are the high-quality scorpion raw material glutinous rice screening and application project of Jiaxing Nanhuzhai Food Co., Ltd., and the high-quality blueberry dried fruit processing technology system research project of Jiaxing Lanwo Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. 2 Agricultural project; Zhejiang Hule Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Research and application project for efficient and stable stepless ceiling light for ships, and research and application project of medium and large-scale work test boats of Jiaxing Weijia Ship Co., Ltd. And Weisswasser Environmental Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. is a Class B project of the Eagle Eagles Flying Enterprise Program, involving a total project cost of 11.4 million yuan.

In the next step, the Xiangjiadang area will, in accordance with the requirements of the management measures, urge the project undertakers to step up the organization and implementation, strengthen the supervision and management of the project, and ensure the smooth completion of the above projects.